Custom service
ADES is pleased to announce a custom service. Our experienced R&D team together with years of product design and manufacturing experiences, we are now able to provide you custom service.

When a standard product isn't exactly what you need, ADES can help you to modify the original design. Nowadays many off-the-shelf computer hardware can no longer meet our customers' needs. For many years ADES has designed and produced not only standard products but also a variety of customized backplanes, IPC chassis, Panel PCs and industrial computer systems. Contact our sales team to learn more about product customization.
Modify an off the shelf product
To lower your custom service cost by modifying an off-the-shelf products.

Listed below are a few common modifications:
  • Liquid paint or Powder coating
  • Special Paint Color options
  • Anodizing (anodising)
  • Electroplating
  • Alternate Handle, mounting kit and slide rail
  • Alternate Material -Aluminum construction for lighter weight
  • Add, Remove or Change Studs/ Nuts/ Holes/ Screws
  • EIA Rack Mounting Kits: ADES also provides Custom Mounting Kits to support non-rackmounted devices to be installed into EIA standard rack enclosures.
  • SBCs, Backplanes and Riser cards can be customized to meet customer layout and electrical specifications.